T ahitian Black Cultured Pearl Necklace (10 x 12.8 MM) 18" length - round. Aubergine (Dark with Eggplant overtones) Very CLean, High Lustre. Exquisite.Appraised at $36,000.00
Item S1001t Terrific Value $28,000.00

G olden Australian South Seas Cultured Pearl Necklace. Lovely golden color. Extremeley rare. 31 pearls 10.5 x 14.25 MM round to oval in shape. No circles. High Lustre. Very clean. Diamond 14k gold clasp. Appraised at $31,000.00
Item S1001a $25,000.00

G olden Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl Pendant (12 x 18MM). 18K gold .05 Diamond enhancer top.
Item S1001p Terrific Value $1,800.00

L ovely White/Rose Australlian South Sea pearls 35 pearls 12 x 16 MM, 18" in length - Diamond Ball clasp
Item S1002 Terrific Value $16,500.00

L ovely Australian South Sea Pearl Earring. 13 x 14 MM. Handcrafted in 14K gold tear drop settings each with one .04ct diamond paired for a hint of sparkle. $3,900.00

W e call this our "everything necklace." 96" long, it contains lovely freshwater pearls in various sizes and shapes. All natural color. Amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, peridot, troumaline, iolite, rhodocrosite, amber, crystal, aventurine, garnet and topaz.. All combine to be worn many number of ways. You can custom order the colors and stones of your choice to achieve that special piece that is just right for you.

Accordingly prices vary with length. We can custom order from 18" single strands to whatever pleases you. Item S1003 Price (Approximately)* $495.00

C hinese freshwater pearls "Angel Wing" shape. One is a lovely grey with pink hues. The other is an extremely unusual bronze. 18 inches long. These pearls can be strung alone or mixed with other stones and gold. Only 2 available so order quickly. Call for more details

Item S1004 Price $1,250.00 ea.

* depends on number of pearls and length. Price mentioned above is for strand pictured.

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