"S imple Elegance" 10 x 11 MMTahitian Black pearls. All you'll ever need with that "perfect little black dress." 14K gold

Item E1001 Price $1,100.00

"B yzantine Bliss" Removable Tahitian Black Mabe pearl buttons dangle from 14K gold with tourmaline centers. Natural cabachon stones accent and bring out the lovely pink and aqua overtones of the Mabe. Decidedly different can be worn with or without the Mabe's (removable bottoms)

Item E1002 Price 2,995.00

P erfectly round 10 MM Tahitian Black pearls set in 14K gold with diamond accents. French clip backs. High lustre... excellent quality

Item E1003 Price $1,450.00

T hese American Domé pearls are hand-crafted with Persian turqouise and two .04 DIA (.08 TW) diamonds 14K gold. They are quite stunning and one of a kind.

Item E1004 Price $1,200.00

C abachon rubies and sapphires combine with 7MM cultured salt water pearls to create a look so classy, but with a casual cool flare. Original design in 14K gold.

Item E1005 Price $1,150.00

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